VIP Greeter Services (at the aircraft)

With regards to the VIP greeters at the aircraft, we charge 145 GBP plus tax. That’s for a VIP greet at the aircraft (greeter holds a nameboard) and escort the client between the aircraft and the car waiting outside. The service also fast-tracks through immigration.

This service is available in the other direction – from the cars arrival at the terminal building drop-off zone, greeter meets at the vehicle and escorts the client to check-in and security, and onwards to the departure gate.

One greeter can work with up to 4 or 5 people. Larger groups may need 2 greeters.

There is also the ‘gate-to-gate meet’ for connecting flights. This service involves moving the client from one terminal to another at Heathrow. The terminals are spread over a wide distance, and so there is the option of the tarmac shuttle service (the clients stay ‘airside’ and are moved internally inside the airport grounds).

This service VIP Greeter is more expensive, as essentially it is an arrival meet PLUS a departures service combined (with the vehicle transport too). We charge 175 GBP plus tax for this service.

Other Scenarios

If the clients have checked-in luggage and for some reason the luggage is not ‘thru-checked’ between the 2 aircraft, then the service becomes more involved.

The greeter (with the client) would have to collect the luggage from the carousel, depart the terminal building and take a sedan transfer via the roads around the airport, then carry out a completely new check in.

This service costs 200 GBP plus tax.

VIP Greeter Bookings

Please note that to put VIP greeter bookings into place takes planning and preparation. We ideally require at least 2 days to organise this. When last minute/urgent enquiries come in and we have less than 24 hours we get charged a premium fee by our greeter operatives, which is 50% on top.
Of course we then have to pass this cost onto the client. Please be aware that the quoted rates here would be 50% more expensive when the booking instructions are received by us with less than a full day to arrange everything required.

We also can provide these services at other airports such as Gatwick.

Please contact us on an individual basis for other airports.