This coming January (2015) England Limousines will once again be providing our Chauffeur Services at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Of course we are not the only Chauffeur Company in attendance, but it’s fair to say that we are the only company that provides dedicated drivers for each client and goes that extra mile to ensure our services are indeed the best in the industry.

As it’s important for us to know our chauffeurs are not only equipped with the best vehicles available to meet the criteria, but also have the best driver skills for the environment in which they will be working, we regularly look at ways to enhance our Chauffeurs ‘On Road’ abilities.

When we look at the challenges of working in Davos, a main consideration is the local weather. With that in mind, we sought a training company to deliver a Winter Driving Skills course for our Chauffeurs that will be working at the World Economic Forum in Davos this January. We found Fleet21 to be an ideal service provider for us in respect of our requirements and they arranged an Off-Road Winter Driving Skills course for the entire team at Brands Hatch motor racing circuit.

The course was both comprehensive and innovative, comprising of two parts.

  1. Classroom based education lasting 1.5 hours to fully inform drivers of all aspects of winter driving skills.
  2. Circuit based driver training in the Fleet21 Volvo with their qualified driver trainers.

Driving on Black Ice was simulated using a high tech Nylon Sleeve that is fitted over both rear tyres to reduce traction. Grip with the road surface then closely resembles that which you can expect to encounter in severe winter driving conditions.

Whilst the course was indeed enjoyable and it’s great to see the England Limousines team excelling at what they do best – working together – It was extremely educational and will provide our drivers with adverse weather driving skills that puts them further ahead than other Chauffeur Drivers.